Storytelling is our oldest and most valuable currency. We’ll help you tell a memorable and authentic story about your business, and make sure it gets noticed by the audiences that matter.


Content Marketing: Using Storytelling to Build An Audience for your Product

We work with you to discover what makes your business unique and why it exists, what your values you are, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. From there, we use our bespoke ABC model to develop this core mission statement into story arcs, content buckets, and to understand which communications channels will work best for your business. Contact us to book a storytelling workshop for your business.

Digital Marketing: Using Digital to Build a PR Campaign

We’ll show you how to build a communications strategy, craft memorable content, and tell a compelling and cohesive story across all the available digital channels, from social media to podcasting to the content on your website.

Social Media Marketing: Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Our in-demand, interactive training courses in social media marketing starts with your story. Then we dive into the social media channels and help you understand best practices on individual platforms, building engagement, understanding metrics, learning about your audience and crafting content that ignites. Get in touch to book a place on our next training programme.

Podcasting: Get Started with Your First Podcast

In our interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to find a niche and build a strategy. We’ll train you in interview techniques, content management and give you the basics in the technical side - recording, sound engineering, editing, hosting and uploading to the platforms that matter.

Dealing with Media

Our media training shows you how to build a relationship with journalists and get the most out of even the trickiest interview situations. Understand how to use content, control and delivery to your benefit, and the difference between preparing for television, radio, online, print or podcast interviews. We also give you best practice in crisis management and we’ll finish up with a mock radio interview.

Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing? Why do reach, resonance and relevance matter? We’ll show you how to develop a thought leadership programme and become an influencer in your field, and as well as how to build relationships with influencers, paid and organic.

Report Writing: Writing for Clarity and Impact in Business

We’ll give you the tools you need to create clear, impactful and effective reports. We’ll help you with layout, time management, overcoming writer’s block, and understanding what to leave in, and what to take out.